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At Grand Oriental Rug Gallery your oriental Rugs are precious possessions. They also represent a sizable investments.

Complete submersion process is used, its that simple, YOU MAY ASK WHY Your Rugs add to the beauty of your house. they finish off the decor of a room and make it warm and inviting, among the things they invite are a host of impurities-dirt and grime settle deep in the pile of your Rug along with hair and dander from your pets, and bacteria and other microbes find your Rug a perfect place to lurk and Multiply. while simple coffee and food stains are easily apparent, most of the impurities will wedge them selves deeper into your Rug, making them resistant to removal by vacuuming. in sort, what you think is fresh clean Rug could actually be harboring a host of germs and allergens, and you don't even know it.

The cleaning process for Oriental Rugs is a Multi-step process which includes.
The custom built vibrating massager gently loosen the deep down dirt out of both the front and back of your rug. The Rug is then totally soaked and submerged-in a cool water, along with the mild organic shampoo- process breaks down and flushes out all impurities, and any deep down dirt and dust that are trapped in the Rugs fiber and foundation. now its time for the total submersion rinse. A purified water is used in rinsing process. The Rug has to be prepared for drying process-after excess amount of water is squeezed out- The Rug is now left drying on a blocking table that is more suitable for Rugs prone to losing their shape when wet. The final steps are carefully measured, the Process includes brushing the Rug and the fringes is very important component of the Rug, because it's the extension of the warp threads, that makes the foundation of the Rug.