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About Grand Oriental Rug Gallery

At Grand Oriental Rug Gallery, we offer an everlasting commitment to providing our clientele an exquisite selection of the highest quality hand-made carpets available. Located in the heart of Coral Gables, Florida, our showroom features a large and diverse selection of Contemporary rugs, Traditional Area rugs, Tibetan rugs, Animal prints, and Modern century rugs. Providing over three generations of knowledge, service, and experience, our company strives to bridge the gap between art, design, and architecture by making rugs a key element of interior design, and our end goal is to provide the highest quality hand-made carpets available to our customers, with the hopes of being able to implement and integrate them perfectly into their existing household d├ęcor. Not only are you able to choose from our existing stock, but you also have the option of selecting your own pattern and color scheme using our color reference system consisting of over 6,000 shades of colors to design your own custom rug tailored to your liking.